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Sep 30, 2004
Portland, OR
This is completely real, a friend of mine called Hot Pocket today because he had lost the box with directions on cooking Hot Pockets, and needed assistance.


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transcript please

(only if its funny)

(seriously, only if I'm gonna laugh)


Oct 13, 2004
"um, hello? this damned thing came FROZEN!!!! :mad: how in the fuck am I supposed to eat a FROZEN HOT POCKET??? Do you not see the ironing in all this????"


Oct 15, 2004
Well, I took the initiative and decided to get some help too....

READ BOTTOM TO TOP, apparently their chat software is :tard:
<session ended>
CletusJones: Then perhaps you can help me with a problem I've been having with my Mr.Fusion unit...
Tom Ext 1608: no
CletusJones: really? not at all?
Tom Ext 1608: We don't carry this item.
CletusJones: it's really critical i get this part though, without it I cannot complete my machine.
CletusJones: it's a special type of cap. Dr.Brown said they'd be hard to find. It's possible it may be a special order.
Tom Ext 1608: What do you mean by flux capacitor
CletusJones: i needed a .5mF but James said you didn't have any of those
CletusJones: well, i'm looking for a 5mF flux capacitor
Tom Ext 1608: Thank you for contacting Digi-Key, how may I help you?
CletusJones: ok
James Ext 1725: they'll know more about this type of cap., one moment...
CletusJones: if you think it would help
James Ext 1725: would you want to chat with a tech to better assist you?
CletusJones: well, i could try, do you have 5mF flux capacitors then?
James Ext 1725: not sure?
CletusJones: do you think that i could sub a 5mF unit in there?
CletusJones: hmm...that's what dr. brown's plans called for.
James Ext 1725: .5mF doesn't show up a cap.
CletusJones: not at all?
James Ext 1725: it doesn't look like we would carry such a cap.
CletusJones: i'm making some modifications to my delorean
CletusJones: it would need to run in a car
CletusJones: 12vdc
James Ext 1725: what voltage on the cap?
James Ext 1725: let me checl for the cap.
CletusJones: ok, i'll email later
James Ext 1725: you will need to email [email protected] for the shipping issue.
CletusJones: .5 micro farad flux capacitor
James Ext 1725: the shipping issue would have to be brought up with our managers. WHat type of capacitor?
CletusJones: Also, do you have a large selection of capacitors? I'm looking for a rather special kind and couldn't find it in your inventory
CletusJones: no, i'm a virgin, this would be my first time. do i need to wear protection?
James Ext 1725: have you ordered from us before?
CletusJones: I dunno, I'm planning on modifying my delorean here and there but I don't have much money to spend. I figured that if you could cut me a deal on shipping, I could get more parts
James Ext 1725: what type of deal?
CletusJones: can you cut me a deal on shipping
James Ext 1725: ok
CletusJones: resistors, transistors, capacitors, and ICs.
CletusJones: I'm looking to purchase a rather large amount of electrical componenets
James Ext 1725: Thank you for contacting XXXXXX, how may I help you?


That was moderately amusing, more for the fact that it exists then the actual conversation.