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Holy Shizzle - Half Life 2 goes Gold!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. You just got 250 nerd points for this thread.
  2. Yay!
    thats a good thing, right?
  3. took ya all day to notice this?
  4. I guess I gotta start downloading those files now. Now If I can only find my certificate.
  5. i never thought i'd see myself type this but:

    i'm actually looking forward to World of Warcraft more than Half Life 2. and i'm traditionally a hardcore fps player who makes fun of rpg'ers.

    maybe i'm just not over the letdown that was Doom 3.
  6. wake me when they have DoD mod ready for HL2
  7. No swearing in thread titles! :nazi:

    And holy crap, guess I actually need to upgrade my computer :egads:
  8. One preview I read said it runs pretty well on mid-range PCs.
    Mine runs doom3 and farcry well enough, so it should be ok for this I think.
  9. What's considered mid-range these days? I have an Athlon XP 1600 oc'ed to a 1900 with a GeForce 3 200Ti, it runs UT2004 at the lowest settings and it's playable....
  10. i didnt know until i saw this thread. i think that makes me less of a nerd than the rest of you *does a little happy un-nerd jig*
  11. well I have an XP 2600(?) (it posts as 2ghz) , an FX5200 and 512 mb of ram
  12. bring the graphics card up a generation, and you'd probably be considered midrange.
  13. agreed. you can probably get even a 6800 (non-gt) for a good price now.... it'll do you wonders.

    my laptop is a p4 2.4, 512mb ddr, radeon mobility 7500 64mb and it runs ut2004 fine at 1024x768 with middle/low settings.

    my other comp plays all games at the highest settings (with the exception of doom3... i dont have a 512mb video card ;) )
  14. man, I HAVE to get off my ass and build a new axp/2400 w/ti4400 only lets me play doom at's only going to get worse
  15. sad but true... my comp cost me about $1500... but i overpaid for the vid card by alot
  16. mines 2 years old now and cost me about $800...chip was free thanks to amd roadshow...I have an opteron I got free from the amd server roadshow that came through atlanta a few months ago...clock speed isn't very high on those though...might just sell it off and get something else
  17. AMD has interesting shows, but i haven't been to one in years.... of course they really bugged me when they set up UT kiosks comparing AMD to Intel, and the intel comps used intel video cards, while the AMD ones used top of the line nvidia cards.

    opteron = :drool:

  18. kind of stretching it but it was typical. Only reason why Intel is #1 in video cards is because everyone uses their video. The only thing that doing what AMD did then was further cement them as the choice for gaming, which is good but still bad. You hear it tons now, the AMD is good for games, but the Intel is for real work... its almost like the Apple/IBM debate of the 80s.

    anyhow, im anxious to see how my 9600xt handles out. if not so well, ill just wait for a 6600.