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WTF Holy Oil Spill

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Shalimar, May 12, 2010.

  1. didn't see a thread, and this shiz deserves its own.

    live on bay news 9 right now, crist just said it could be the most catastrophic economic, ecological disasters EVER to hit florida.

    like i said, you think the recession is bad now? let dead turtles and dolphins start rollin up on the beach and watch them hotels dry up.

    BP rep said they'd handle all costs of cleanup.

  2. beachgoers reported being able to smell gas.
  3. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now, but you only made a thread when it started to impact FL? And I thought Texans lived in their own world.
  4. BP can BUY FL if it wanted to.
  5. This whole oil mess gets me a tad worked up.
  6. I smell gas now, but I think its from a cropduster
  7. Better grease than oil?
  8. B
    I heard they were gonna try and clog the pipe with puppies
  9. Impact Florida? The impact on florida is nothing to how badly this is going to demolish the entire ecosystem of the Gulf. And the fact that not a single fucking engineer from any of these companies has pre-thought out a scenario to deal with something like this? Insane.

    If they don't get it stopped soon, the Gulf will die. And if the gulf dies, the repercussions will be enormous.

    And who here thinks for even a moment that stuffing old golf balls and tires in the hole makes sense. Not me. Why they don't make a giant drill bit with super sized threads, drill it into the hole and use it as a locked stopper I don't know.
  10. btw, Crist is a freakin toolbox.
  11. This. Regardless of the issue at hand.
  12. A hurricane won't dump oil on FL. It would, however, dump on Houston. :eek:
  13. Duke is an environmentalist*

  14. Wiccan Hippy
  15. Is your tampon biodegradable?
  16. I see anal gaping in your future.

  17. unlike some, :cough: you :cough: , I don't like to make 20 threads a day. figured someone would make one. they didn't. so I did.

    this is important enough to not have to lay in the random thread.
  18. agreed tho duke, the environment is f'd.

    my grandfather was a dirt poor commercial fisherman up in cedar key (due west of gainesville) and I can only imagine if he was alive today how he would survive this.

    BP may pay to clean it up, but the fishing industry is screwed. people who've spent their entire lives working on, and living off, the water.

    sad man, very very sad.
  19. heh heh hmmm hmmm heh heh

    He said 'Lay'

  20. Fair enough. You are right; I would have thought someone would have made a thread about this right now, unless most people just don't care. I mean, what is this going to do? Make New Orleans more dirty than it already is? Maybe the skanks can't stick to Bourbon St. when it's covered in oil.
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