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Holy carp!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by theacoustician, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. I have confirmed that a box of cookies it on its way to my doorstep! Wooo! COOKIES!

    That just soooooo totally made my day.
  2. Damn, dreamwalker made them for you again?!?!
  3. hay, you know you can just go to the fuckin store and BUY cookies, dont you?
    I mean seriously.
  4. This is my first package of dreamwalker cookies.
  5. homemade cookies>*>store cookies>smileynev
  6. I guess Im just not that enthusiastic about cookies
  7. So, so true
  8. Um...5 years ago?
  9. Wait what the hell?
  10. dirty spammer of some sort
  11. Is that image suppose to be funny?
  12. adblock it. the more views it gets the more the dirty spammer wins.
  13. I just disabled images from being viewed.
  14. Is Theac SaddestHeart?
  15. Chin up, buddy. There's another Angela out there somewhere.
  16. So did we make it clear to this person we dont like spammers?
    Im not sure if they got the message
  17. aww man I missed the image. I bet it was goatse
  18. He's been banned and stuff. Oh he got the message.
  19. edible items in the post from someone you've never met

    what a fantastic fucking idea
  20. I'll have you know I enjoyed the hell out of the chocolate pecan pie F33nx sent me. It was a dirty, dirty pleasure I took in eating almost the entire thing myself.

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