Hi2u digital mocking.

Drool-Boy said:
I think thatll play itself out
If we 2 or 3 idiots in and they were invited by the same person, then that person is kicked in the nutz/cunt.

Atan Nolme

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Oct 14, 2004
Karningul,Eriador, Endor
Onnotangu said:
someone activate that twinky spammer dbzeag.
What is about rule #3 that people do not seem to understand. :rolleyes:

3. Everyone is going to the Proving Grounds that's waiting in the queue as well as all new signups. We'll announce soon what its going to take to get out of the Proving Grounds. I have to confirm the vBull programming aspect with fly and he's on vacation right now. However, once they make it out, they're part of the family and refer to item 2 on this list.



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Oct 15, 2004
Drool-Boy said:
well the admins know who invited who via their admin panel.
Also, if you look in peoples profiles, it tells you the number of referals they have. Wich may be a clue to some of the dumbassery.
u a fuckin admin yet?
jesus fuck the only fuckin forams out there that ARE ANY GOOD AT ALL are ones you admin at :pICKMYNOSE: