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hey someone activate sarah

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I.C.Water, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. im waiting :rolleyes: :furry:
  2. That Baloo/Fox And The Hound smiley is evil :(
  3. hhmmmmm.........
  4. actually i think it might be the greatest smily ever
    :furry: :furry: :furry: :furry: :furry: :furry:
  5. So wrong, disney is so innocent and those films were the greatest.
  6. Theres a few that need activation
    but theacs on his own today and lil fingers can only type so fast
  7. disney was never innocent
  8. so we get NeedMoreChode but no Sarah? :(
    :furry: :furry: :furry: :furry: :furry: :furry:
  10. Yeah someone activate Sarah now dammit. :desslock:

  11. Do we really need to generate that much spam already?
  12. Exactly.

    Disney is far far far more evil than anyone can possibly even start to comprehend.
  13. yes
  14. She's already got her own blog-forum.
  15. Fuck sarah, shes so fucking annoying.
  16. Read the sticky concerning referals.
  17. i dident refer her :confused: or are you talking about the proving grounds thing? :confused:
  18. Yes!!! Yes!!! and FlyNavy and Squeeky and Ghim too :D
  19. All new people registering and those currently waiting in the queue will be required to go to the proving grounds first from now on. That way they can earn their way here and no one can bitch about them being here.

    My PM box has been loaded all day about "Please let ___ in" or "Please don't let ______ in". This way, you, as a community, will decide who belongs here and who is a worthless meatsack. Then, there will be no bitching about who is a full member.
  20. NME > Sarah

    NME > Sarah

    NME > Sarah

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.