"Hey, lets pickup Farscape for a new season..."


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Oct 15, 2004
thrawn said:
i never had any interest in stargate. farscape, on the other hand, was rather interesting. i'd watch it again.

but what do i know, it seems that reality shows are the warm tapioca pudding for the masses.

somebody feed me please, i cant grasp the spoon. why does everyone else have opposable thumbs mommy?

same here although I did like the film. I guess I didnt like it because when It came out I heard that the original creators of the film got screwed on the deal (they wanted to do a trillogy, MGM forced the series thus killing the possibility of more films) so I just didnt watch. not to meantion everywhere I've lived shows it at midnight or 2am on saturday which I usually find something to do on.

my little brony

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Oct 15, 2004
Ryokurin said:
Why did they kill farscape? it was expensive. What do the two stargage shows have in common? they are largely the same show. therefore they can use the stuff over between the two so its cheaper on them. Thats why they are keeping it on.

and its NBC now, not really vivendi although they are still in the picture.
vivendi owns the sci fi channel