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Hey guys, lets go pillage something...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. chicks allowed, btw. Whaddya say we get together and pillage and plunder a small town somewhere. I'm thinking some place in Canada, since they're pussies and stuff.

    Who's with me? Any ideas and/or recommendations?
  2. Im always up for a good pillaging.
    Whatever town you pick make sure they have a bunch of taverns and at least a couple of whore houses to make it worth our while.
  3. Lets take Quebec. Canada hates them anyway...
  4. you fatass, you could pillage for maybe 2 min. before you had to stop to catch your breath
  5. pillaging and plundering are less fun when no one puts up a fight...:(
  6. I vote for Quebec too, are we going traditional with clubs, axes, spears and torches or should I rent us a couple of dump trucks?
  7. Go fuck a donkey you inbred cockfluffer.
  8. you can pillage my village any day big boy.
  9. He can just roll through town
  10. I say both. Torches and clubs and axes are great, but a few dump trucks and a tank or two would be a blast.
  11. I hear your village has been quarantined...:(
  12. go ram-rod a cow you cow moofing skull-fucker
  13. Sweet, I'm thinking a gas tanker to supply our torches would be good too
  14. yes, and something that can spray and ignite the fuel flame thrower like.
  15. go cornhole a schoolbus you monkey pounding ass tickler.

  16. just dont torch the whore houses or the taverns:mad:
    The orphanges and churches are free game tho:)
  17. [​IMG]
  18. go shilack a smoke stack you asspacking blow-fisher
  19. Holy Crap! I used to have that game and it rocked me hard.
  20. I got me bashing stick ready.