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Hey all you smart homeowners/carpenters/etc...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. The possible future owners of our home, in all their assholeness, are hung up on an oak railing that we have that runs the length of the living room, overlooking our dining room below it. Its about 12-14 feet long give or take. Its always had a little give to it since the house was built, but it passed both the city of Blaine's inspection and the Anoka county childcare inspections.

    At first they wanted us to fix it. We told them we couldn't because we had now clue as to how to do it. Now they are telling us they want us to pay half of the cost of replacing, $750. They received a bid supposedly saying it would cost $1500 to replace a railing of that length. I told them to go fuck themselves (not really) and said we would pay $250.

    Am I in the wrong?
  2. Railing is an involved task.
  3. Are you still under negotiations for the contract, or have they signed everything including the after inspection?
  4. okay
  5. Ya I would tell them to fuck off.
    If you cant fix it yourself, then YOU hire someone to do it.
  6. The purchase agreement has been signed, but not the after inspection. This is a result of the inspection, and inspection done by some moron who didn't have a clue as to what he was doing.
  7. Sell the house As-Is and mushroom slap them.
  8. if they want it fixed, they should pay for it. it passed the inspections, so it's not your problem.
  9. Yeah. Get your own esitimate.
    And tell them to lick your hot sweaty balls. :fly:

  10. Well the options here are to say you'll pay $250 for it and hope they will still proceed with the sale.


    Pay what they want and get the sale


    lower the price of the house so you don't need up front cash for them to repair it.

    I think you are in the right here, but it's a buyers market now.
  11. Depends on how badly he wants to sell the house.
    If he needs to sell it now, he should resolve the situations somehow.
    If he can wait untill the next buyer comes along, then ya, they can stuff the railing estimate in their ass.

  12. After inspection, the buyer can make requests. The seller can choose to honor those requests or not. After the seller decides, the buyer and choose to proceed with the sale or end it there.
  13. Ask them if they want karate.
  14. I want it sold as soon as possible for my own piece of mind. We are already 10 grand below asking price, and the only way we could go that low was because we were saving 3 mortage payments by selling now. I fear that if we don't get this sale, it'll take another month to line someone up, and they'll offer even less.

  15. $10,000 below? :eek:

    I'd stand firm then if that were the case and use that as the reasoning.

    Is the market that bad where you live?
  16. Yeah man. These guys are trying to jack you now.
  17. ya they are
    If youre already 10grand below asking and now they want MORE theyre trying to screw the shit out of you.
  18. The market has started to turn. Up and through the end of the summer it was pretty stable, but I think we're looking at a buyers market here shortly. There is a glut of homes on the market right now.

    I don't want to be jacked, and my wife thinks they are insulting us by doing this, but I don't want to look back and say we couldn't move into our new house because of $750.

  19. Don't back out of the deal. Just stick to your $250 for now. They ARE insulting you by doing this.
  20. I'd definitely get an estimate from another person as well.