here is a pic of myself, what do you think?




my friend steph has been doing my hair..... i just threw the shirts/sweater on, so they're not laying perfectly, but whatever :D
:hi2u: thar young thang

Prepare for the literal shitstorm of hate to come on the heels of you posting that pic of yourself due to A) your hair B) an obvious use of "product" in your hair and C) the fact that a girl is doing your hair for you.

Just fair warning buddy :heart:
hi2u sexy stud

a) my hair looks good, b) you need "product" to look good and c) at least girls touch me :D

im not afraid of the foramz! There are only a few people who a take seriously.... you being one of them :)
Mr. Furlong said:
You need more square glasses.
i dont really go for the emo look, and it's hard to find nice, square, thin rimmed glasses :(
Mr. Furlong said:
Really? I guess I haven't looked around lately, but I found several last time (a few years ago).
damn. I do need new glasses. One of my friends was spraying me with hairspray (because it was apparently a good idea at the time) and it got on my lenses.... I now have permanent etched spots on the left side :(

I did find that walmart sells prescription sunglasses for $68. I got a cool pair a week ago. :)

I should go check out new frames.
kristchan said:
you still have your christmas stuff up
yeah we're a really busy family. My mom, dad and I each put in 10-12 hrs per day at work.... we're lucky to make ourselves dinner when we get home. :(
DW said:
I think you're cute, but you knew that already :heart:
aww thank you bethie :D that means alot coming from you :)

so how have you been?