Help with Calvin and Hobbes


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Oct 14, 2004
Planet Hell
Some of you will probably recall some of the Calvin and Hobbes pics I was posting recently, here are a few examples to refresh your memory:




Some of the ones I posted previously are not applicable to this forum, as we don't have a KC, giving females 1000 user IDs doesn't fit, and :22k: is irrelevant. I want to redo some of what I have, and do some new ones. Anyone have any ideas?
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Findakáno said:
Are there any online resources for C&H besides the comic strip to give me ideas?

Not that I've found yet.

I'm just looking for general ideas. I had one about giving females their 1000 user IDs, and one about being time to close registration, but neither one fits the current circumstances of this forum. Maybe I'm brain dead at the moment, but nothing is really coming to mind right now.