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help me win $12k!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. #1 shamwow, Oct 15, 2004
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2004
    help me win $12k!...if I win, you win 4k!!!

    CNN is having this employee talent search and the winner gets $12k USD...
    I signed up, now I just need to figure out something funny to do :D

    I realized I was missing something here...incentive! if your idea is chosen and I win, you get $4k USD:drool:
  2. you fucker you dont need the monies
  3. Does it have to be funny? Maybe you could do a funzie skit......

    Do you have any other talents that could be played upon- singing, dancing, self-contortion, anything along those lines?
  4. step 1: buy a jar of mayo and find a clown

    step 2: eat all of the mayo with the clown

    step 3: force the clown into the empty jar of mayo

    step 4: fuck the can of mayo with the clown inside for talent show
  5. doesn't have to be funny but I feel that would be the best way to win
    I can self fellate but sadly I don't think that's alllowed:shifty:
  6. Anally assualt yourself.
  7. show them your goatse?
  8. Pull down your pants. That's good for a laugh.
  9. Believe in the Braves.
    That's pretty amusing.

  10. *mental note to self - get theac fired* :shifty:
  11. :mad:
    astros are looking good mah man! :rolleyes:

  12. Meh. They got past the braves.
    That'll do for the purpopses of this thread. :D
  13. that comic really wasn't funny
  14. k
  15. owned by the king of stupid funny.
  16. Can you sing or dance?
    Do you look good in a swimsuit?
    How many judges are there, and how badly do you want to win?
  17. Juggling chainsaws is always a crowd pleaser
  18. juggling chainsaws + juggling severed arms = instant win!
  19. Don't forget spraying the audience with blood.
  20. Extra points for refilling someone's drink cup