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Help Kiki find a white guy

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Floptical, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Moving this over from the other thread.

  2. hmmm....
    now i have to go back and redo my whole list. fawk.
    ok 35 and up
    but hes has to be totally self sufficient. ie: job (super important job, not like a farmer or a customer service rep or a computer tech geek etc)
    must must must have a vehicle. not a neon, a VW Bug or a Hyundai.
    must NOT want kids, but will accept my beloved kiko.. he can have kids too, i dont care. as long as they love with their mom.
    must not have MOMMY ISSUES and must like to fuck in the middle of the night when my mood hits. or must enjoy a random blowjob at the mall or while driving thru a toll booth
    i dont know if im leaving anything out
  3. must die within 2 months of marriage and have a large inheritance.
  4. must have a retirement plan that doesn't involve the lotto
  5. omg if he didnt have Teh British Teeth he would be perfeeeeect
  6. he'd say omg if she didn't have "insert comment" she would be perfeeeet
  7. i see you are out for blood today. bring it pops.
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    I'm not out for blood at all. I support you in this choice. I even fit all of your requirements minus the age.
  9. Must not own any clothes with a giant Polo log on it
  10. Has never stayed at a Motel 6
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  11. Must not understand MingleMix when he talks
  12. Only orders a coke by the ounce
  13. readily has access to pharmaceutical grade pain killers.
  14. What happened to HN?
  15. :lol: I noticed that earlier, but thought it was too weird to say openly.
  16. He got a shoe in his ass, thankfully.
  17. Doesn't wear jewelry
  18. No this one is false
  19. Yikes