hello everyone!



I like this place already. So cheerful and yatta yatta.... ok, enough crap. let's get serious.... who brought the beer? :D
Drool-Boy said:
you were supposed to bring the beer dammit:mad:
SHIT! i knew i forgot something.... I'll go get two cases of yeungling and a case of mike's....
ChikkenNoodul said:
yuengling :drool:

That kind of talk will get you everywhere
damn straight! why argue with a delicious beer that costs less than miller, coors and bud (aka seltzer in disguise)
ChikkenNoodul said:
That's an insult to seltzer, it's more like carbonated horse whiz.
so, so true. One night I was out drinking guiness (drooooool)... yeah, that's the whole story.