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hello everyone!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shockthemonkey, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. I like this place already. So cheerful and yatta yatta.... ok, enough crap. let's get serious.... who brought the beer? :D
  2. you were supposed to bring the beer dammit:mad:
  3. SHIT! i knew i forgot something.... I'll go get two cases of yeungling and a case of mike's....
  4. yuengling :drool:

    That kind of talk will get you everywhere
  5. damn straight! why argue with a delicious beer that costs less than miller, coors and bud (aka seltzer in disguise)
  6. I hear Dreamwalker is doing the bodyshots.
  7. That's an insult to seltzer, it's more like carbonated horse whiz.
  8. so, so true. One night I was out drinking guiness (drooooool)... yeah, that's the whole story.
  9. OMG!!!!!!1111oen
  10. :fly:

    Everything else becomes unimportant after that
  11. Don't tell him THAT!!!

    And I'm only doing that if you do some too :fly:
  12. How do you know what carbonated horse whiz tastes like? :confused:
  13. It's a delicacy in parts of Alabama
  14. Alabama. That explains it then.
  15. beer? bah. who brought the wine?
  16. truth!
  17. I've got some Reisling and Gewurtz left over from the weekend
  18. :wtf: here, I brought a box of it....
  19. I got some wine in a box.
  20. I got half a bottle of some kind of wine I found under a passed-out hobo. (It could be pee tho so be careful if you drink it)