Heather won Hell's Kitchen

kiwi said:
It was right around the time he stated that the chics on UF weren't really that hot. :mad:

I say serves him right.
Hey... You cant hate me for my opinions.
JJ Lady said:
I think Gordon and Virginia were seeing each other

Bubbles said:
There's really no other explanation for how far she got in the competiton is there. You know she's married too
no way, she had a wicked palette, it's ust her service that sucked.
Fat Mama is the best superhero ever!

We can hate FlamingGlory for his opinions if our opinion is that his opinions are stupid and downright mean.

I always mean to watch Hells Kitchen, but never get around to it. I'm addicted to So You Think You Can Dance and I'm supremely disappointed that I won't be able to watch the finale tonight. DVR is cool, but I hope I can avoid finding out the results until I get to see the show.