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Ontopic Health Thread: post your AIDS, diseases and infekshunz here.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. are you going clean baba?
  2. @MacG is the cleanest drunk I know.
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  3. :D
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  4. Of course, I took a shower sunday night. I would normally take one every day but I didn't take one last night as I was sick.

    It's definitely bath time again tonight!
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  5. pics or it didnt happen

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  6. You want pics of me not taking a bath because I was sick?
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  7. :lol:
    yes that too
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  8. Hey beer drinkers!

    If you want to try something refreshing, take two cans of ice-cold beer into the bathroom. (Yes, cans. No real alcoholic drinks beer out of a bottle.) turn on the shower and get in with the beers. Drink one. When I say drink, I mean chug. Just cuz you’re an aclcoholic doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a sissy. Then shower for a few minutes. Then drink the other, but this time a little slower.

    Damn, that’s living!

    Coming up on 13 years without a drop, thank you very much.
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  9. Man. I really liked doing that.

    Oh man. I’m off topic unless you consider referring to alcoholic behavior as on topic.

    It was nice bros.
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  10. This sounds like a terrific idea.
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  11. it's even better at 6 in the morning
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  12. What thread am I in?
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  13. aww, but that's just about when the bitches in the living room getting it on are leaving.
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  14. post your diseases, and i'm posting about my dipsomania
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  15. Shower beer is best beer.
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  16. You guys run a line from the keezer to the shower yet?
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  17. ...

    Stop being so brilliant.
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  18. This is legit. If you have never done this you have not fully enjoyed beer.
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  19. yooooooooooooo
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  20. So much drama in the LBC.

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