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Halp Having a box for checked luggage

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know the protocol now for checking a taped up box as luggage? I have scoured TSA's website as well as the airline's site but I haven't found anything specific to boxed luggage.

    Thanks :heart:
  2. Like a suitcase they run it through scanners and it can be subject to random check with them opening the box and searching through it.
  3. Theyll probably open it up and rip through it.
  4. Well they would if they knew what I was schlepping to Texas :hi2u:
  5. My wife just brought a tripod all boxed up to Jamaica for her boss, and the customs guys down there tore it all open.
  6. That's why I am bring my packing tape just in case I have to reseal everything.
  7. Rules? It prolly can't be over 50 pounds or contain explosives. What other rules do you need?
  8. It can weigh more than 50lbs, but your airline will charge you for the extra weight.
  9. Did someone try to bring back a buffet from Vegas, Mr Chikken?
  10. if it can be taped up or not.
  11. Took a dive trip to Grand Turk once that involved a teeny propeller driven airplane, they had to fly our dive gear seperately from the people :lol:
  12. You can put a padlock on your luggage... :wtf:
  13. gear = case of whiskey?
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    Why not just ship the package via UPS or Fedex? I bet it would be the same price or cheaper in the end. Just double box it and bubble wrap/packing peanuts for any valuables inside the box.

    Side note: I've got a couple of mailboxes at the UPS Store and I frequently see people bringing their actual luggage to ship via UPS instead of bringing them to the airport. Cost I would bet is the same. Then you just pack a small bag with a few changes of clothes, mail your luggage a few days in advance, and be done with it.

    Sad to say this is what airline travel has become. Pack too many people into the cattle car (aka a plane) with no luxuries (or even working bathrooms in some cases) and charge obscene amounts of money.
  15. Um, what?

    $25 for the checked bag vs. $201.17 Fedex

    I need it there by Friday for the weekend.
  16. Yes. I can tape a box, too, but they might cut it.

    However, a bag can go on a plane without a lock just fine. A box that is not securely closed, however, will not.
  17. Also my company is reimbursing the baggage fee, so even that $25 doesn't bother me at all. Could be Sprint Airline's $45 + $45 for a carry on for all I care.
  18. I assume they re-tape it if they have to cut it open.