Thread Happy Memorial Day


A Taste Of Honey Fluff Boy
Mar 28, 2005
I celebrated this evening by watching Taking Chance, a horribly fantastic (poignant but depressing) true story about a Marine Corps colonel (Kevin Bacon) who escorts the body of a fallen Marine home to Wyoming in 2004.

To all who served and to all who never made it home, God bless.

And in honor of what we are fighting for:

may your armed forces never stop paying SemperFly and taivas to do nothing but post on forums :salute:
I'm going to buy wood and eat barbecued sausage to celebrate today. And finish it off with a little roasted marshmallows, just cause.
We had a great Memorial Day over at G-Forces house with Duke, Dharma, ShawnDavid, fly, LemonFresh, Shalimar and myself... and everyone that does not post here. :)
I had a great time too! It was great to see everybody. BTW - I have someone's SpongeBob SquarePants bathing suit left here. Any takers?