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Hawt Happy birthday DJBrenton and April's mom Gaytrude

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Re: Happy birthday DJBrenton and April's mom Gertrude

    A cow will not fit inside my condo. Plus, pet free complex
  2. Re: Happy birthday DJBrenton and April's mom Gertrude

    Damn! So close!
  3. its not a pet. Its meat, and clothing.

    Does your complex have rules against meat and clothing? I DIDNT THINK SO.
  4. Re: Happy birthday DJBrenton and April's mom Gertrude

    They already hate me with a passion as I am publicly airing their felony embezzlement convictions in a bid to help remove then from the board. Not sure I could stretch that one to within the bylaws.
  5. A dog in pyjamas, as a free birthday present to you

  6. I bought Charlie a workmans hi-vis coat the other week but it was too small and they didn't have his size in. I want to get him one and a yellow hard hat.
  7. Hard hat would be excellent. I got Kes an XL high vis but it was too small so I had to make my own straps, she was sporting it today on the park when she ran straight into me chasing after Mac and made me fall forwards into the snow.

    Hope that cheered you up.
  8. That is now the second time she's made me fall over on that park.
  9. I didn't need cheering up. I haven't seen you today so I'm in a good mood already.
  10. well damned if I'm not coming round to steal your whiskey and your womens then!
  11. I was invited round btw, I just thought it was better this way *sob*
  12. Wait, you had your black dog in a high visibility vest in the snow, and you still weren't able to see it coming barreling at you?

  13. Too small? Was it made for Tanner? :wtf:
  14. thanks for the reminder
  15. Yesh, but neither of us has brakes in the snow/ice :lol: Usually Kes is really good at avoiding peoples legs these days, she's run with sighthounds a lot now so navigates well, but she was full pelt in the snow so couldn't be helped.