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Pics Hanging with Woodsy Owl

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. In the tree right outside the shop there is a big ole owl and her baby living in the branches. Big hooting bastard. Somehow the baby fell out the d*mn tree and the animal control group came out and rescued the "little" guy , and took a bunch of pics.

    located HERE

    I had no idea how big these things could get. On the ground under them theres always half eaten dead critters like rats & such.

    Anyway, cool nature pic thread?
  2. Saw one of these once outside of Denver. UNdeveloped area called Daniels park. It was late, and we were cruising down some dirt road looking for this back woods party, when we saw this big cat sitting in the middle of the road. By cat I mean like Bobcat or maybe small mountain lion. Then, in a whoosh, it spread this giant ass wings and took off. We were all like 'OMFG', since we were all sure it was a cat. It was the horns on its head that looked like cat ears.

    We talked about it for the entire night. Wingspan alone was close to 5 feet.
  3. Would it be in poor taste to show up with a turkey fryer?

  4. I think they like their food raw.
  5. *hides plate and throws out rice*
  6. So the "hawk that buzzed" it was really probably the old guy that farts constantly, huh?

    We had an owl about fly into us while driving one day, okay so it probably had very little chance of hitting us and calculated it's flight path perfectly but it skimmed the windshield and it's wingspan went from one side to the other, crazy.

    Also, insane how the chick is the same size as the mom.
  7. That's friggin awesome. Tell gary thanks.
  8. Garrrrrry.......Gary?
  9. That is a big owl chick.
  10. But I like my owls deep-fried.

    With remoulade.