Food HALP ! Who Cooks With A Crock Pot or Slow Cooker ?

Kill Me Plz

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Aug 4, 2010
I have an entire chicken to cook in the slow cooker. I need ideas what to add to the chicken to make it taste better then mung or grool. How long should I let the thing cook ?

Will scotch cure all the food poisoning I will inflict on our guests for dinner ? Should I buy pepto biz in the gallon drum tonight & a shit load of imodium ? Dinner is on Saturday ... I have a few days to prepare this crap. Halp please.
Chicken broth

Some ground beef

Some 'cooking' whisky

And maybe some random spices

Cook for 8 hours, and have plenty of drinkin' scotch on hand to offset any food poisoning.

Is cinnamon random enough ? onion powder & cloves. I have seafood broth & pork. I guess I can wing it.
if you have some cream of <something here>, use that. put the whole chicken in with some veggies. season with herbs like oregano and thyme and parsley and black pepper. No need for salt as there is enough in the soup. Cook on low for 8 to 12 hours and enjoy.
Ah, so you should brown the chicken first ... okay. Thanks for all the suggestions.

This one okay ?

Yeah, you'll need the Habaneros. I just looked up 100% pain and its only 13500 scoville units. :gayo:

So about 10 of them little peppers should do it right ? They kinda look small ... I guess 20 would be a better number.

And serios pics plz! :drool:

I hope they will allow me to take pics of them in the Emergency Room at the Hospital. Sometimes the Nurses there are real cows about pics while patients are projectile vomiting a spleen or kidney or something.
I'm surprised chikken didn't tell you to skip the chicken and just put scotch in the crockpot, with a side of scotch, followed up with a spoonful of crisco and scotch for dessert.