bast_imret said:
I dunno, you weren't there :confused:

I think it happened once with shawn at Saint Larry's and we talked about it here before. Cause I remember a night with shawn when this guy kept asking for Michael Jackson I think

now im :confused: :confused:
novus : new, fresh, young, inexperienced, revived, refreshed.

thats what it says for new on the website

tried neo on another site and it came up - to spin, also
elpmis said:
DJ Islamic Praise Allah Annihilator



At the very least bast you should make a recording of you saying it over the microphone for me.
You could have your name be DJ and then the entire text of the book Moby Dick. Then insist that they read your entire name. That way you could do an entire show and never have to actually play anything because they would spend the full 3 hours reading your name.