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Halloween Party! (ver. Sleeman)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by theacoustician, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. So, we decided to have a UF Halloween Party last night. I got too freaking messed up drinking Liquid Plumber and Red Bull to take many pictures, but here's what I remember.

    We all met up downtown to start the party right at our favorite local bar. Because they all want her sex, Drool, Chikken, smileynev, and Sleeman all dressed up as April23.


    I got this pic of them as we were leaving the bar. We got kicked out because Sleeman's idea of buying everyone a round at the bar was to pee in their beer mugs. Fucking moron.

    So then we headed over to fly's place to play some video games. Here's him in his costume :


    Yeah, his whole bedroom is in that barn theme. It's kinda weird ... but also kinda sexy. We were all having fun schooling nev on Xbox and getting drunk when elpmis finally showed up.


    We asked him what he was dressed up as, but he said it wasn't a costume. Apprently it has something to do with his night job. We didn't ask what.

    So after about a dozen more beers and a few whippits, I passed out. I was awaken to the sound of fly's doorbell. Aldaris showed up!!! I don't know who the hell invited him though.


    He was trick or treating for "badonkadonk". I had no idea what that was, so I puked in his treat bag and closed the door.

    The End.

    PS - if anoyone else remembers anything from the party, fill me in. I'm a little hazy on it all.
  2. Bwhahahahhaaa..... okay.
  3. i think i had my way with fact my an0r is still a bit sore.
    but she smelled like horse manure IIRC
  4. :lol: And that first pic is just disturbing
  5. I smelled because I was at fly's house first frisking his goat. :drool:
  6. Wow. You guys really know how to party...... :drool:
  7. goat fluffer eh?
  8. I never get invited to these things. :(
  9. I think its something about him liking sloppy seconds.
  10. Ya get the full flavor with sloppy seconds.
  11. I woke up and someone was peeing on me.

    The strange thing is, I woke up in the Olive Garden salad bar :wtf:
  12. "Have some more sloppy joes, I know you kids like 'em sloppy."

    "Lady you're scaring us."
  13. #16 shamwow, Oct 21, 2004
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2004 that henry rollins in the toilet seat pic??
  14. I get that a lot :fly: