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have been to three different doctors, and they don't "think" it's HPV, but they aren't 100% positive.


I'm gay. I had unprotected sex (top) with one guy in the last month and a half, and have had sexual contact with 2 others, skin to skin + oral sex (uprotected)

I danced one night (a month ago) and was erect and was grinding pretty hard for 2 hours with one guy. I feel that I have an abrasion, because there is slight pain around the urethra occassionally and it gets red every once in awhile.

The part where I think I have HPV are the small whitish/flesh colored bumps that have appeared after the sexual contact and that rough grinding. The bumps are located just under the glands of the penis on the front side, but they are not papules. They don't really hurt, but they are not going away, and it's going on a month now, the pain at the tip of the penis is still there however. I tested negative for chlamydia and gonerhia.
Here are a few photos to better show you:



as you look you can also see the redish dried area on the glans going to the urethra.

Like I said I saw three different doctors (including a ifectious disease specialist) but nobody really knows...they tell me to wait. Should I see a dermatologist? What do you think. remember I still have slight burning at the urethra after a month of sexual contact and the grinding. (I haven't completely quit masturbation, only once a week.)
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