Ha Ha!! Im using the Federal Holiday!!!

Mean Mr. Mustard

Always shouts out something obscene
Sep 30, 2004
This thursday is a federal holiday (veterans day)
so I get it off. I also took a day of vacation for friday so now I get the big 4 day weekend:cool:
No idea what Ill do with my mini vatcation tho.
Ill have a copy of halo 2 by then, but I cant play it the whole time.
There is always some mayo in the fridge.

I don't have thursday off, my company doesn't believe in holidays I guess.
I don't!!

But I took two vacation days anyway (since JJ's gonna be off), and gave work the big raspberry. 4 day weekend! w00t!
Dammit, I don't get the day off :mad:

Don't have any suggestions for anything you can do with the time, just make the most of it and have fun :heart:
Drool-Boy said:
Im gonna come over and get into your house while youre at work and steal all your underpants and drink all your beers

You better not touch my beers. :mad:
Drool-Boy said:
So do I get to pick which room is mine or have you guys decided for me already.
I want one that equidistant between the 'fridge and the pisser if at all possible.

microfridge in your room, and piss on the floor should resolve that