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WTF grow weed, use guard bears

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. better watch your pic-a-nic baskets because yogi and booboo are stoned as bats and hungry as hell :fly:

  2. If you domesticate the bears and make them docile, doesn't that defeat the purpose of guard bears? I think it's sad they might need to be put down though.
  3. What a crock of crap, just list 'em on craigslist
  4. The bears are sitting around right now, saying "Mother fucker, they said Weed can't kill you. Fucking liars"
  5. Dang... I was hoping this thread would be about a new meme in the same vein as Acquire Currecy, Disregard Females.
  6. They were fantastic guard bears until they started smoking weed.
  7. who's going to stick around and find out if they're docile? their mere presence is all that is necessary. 14 of them
  8. It doesnt help tho that they were riding tiny bikes and carrying little umbrellas
  9. Now see, if she were in the States, it's our God given right to keep and arm bears.
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  10. I would totally take one. Pot bear meat sounds epic.
  11. So now your forefathers are gods? :lol:
  12. I've had the chance to eat bear meat before. It's very flavorful, and I would not hesitate to eat it again.
  13. They were a bigger deal than jesus, and maybe even the beatles.
  14. Shit, someone beat me to it. Better start in on training the Orangutan's.
  15. I wasn't a big fan of the bear meat. That's all you babe.
  16. I will eat anything twice. bring forth the bear noms!