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greatest halloween costume evar!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. just figured out what I'm going to be for halloween...have a party to go to tomorrow night and didn't have shit until now
    I'm going to wear a suit, get a dark wig, a sex toy in hand, and be Bill O'Reilly:lol:
    that is going to kick so much ass! :D
  2. Not this one?

  3. :lol:

    a guy in a costume like that saved my life once
  4. where would you get a sex toy from?
  5. go to a "toy" store of course:p
  6. i was planning on maybe going as gordon freeman. but i'd have to get a fake goatee, as theres no time to grow one...
  7. Oh? How so? Come on, let's hear the story!
  8. what are you, 12? There's a whole week yet. you should at least be able to grow something by then.
  9. my friend amandas birthday is on november 1st. so last year, it was her 21st, so we all went down to get rip roaring drunk. and drink we did. i had like, 5 shots of tequila, some beers, then people just started handing me cups of grain alcohol punch. i was SMASHED. and so this kid comes in dressed like that. i dont think anyone knew him. he was just an ackward nerd looking to see boobies. (note: my friends arent all as loserish as i am, they have lives and could be called "normal" people, so this kid was pretty out of place) so there i am, girls writing all over my arm, when i decide to take a walk. i walk out to a tree in front of the house we were at and sit down. it was so comfortable, the tree, with the fallen pine needles all around it, the nice cool temperature and my being drunk. so i close my eyes, and start to drift off a bit. then suddenly, this mammogram boy is walking towards me. he puts his hand on my shoulder and says "man, you dont want to sleep out here." i looked up at his tinfoil encased head and said "no. no i dont. that would be a bad idea." and stood up. then all my friends came out, some more girls wrote on my arm, someone stole my cell phone and called DarkNinja from the other forum (whos number i had because of a meet). soon me and all my friends walked back to amandas dorm. and at some points my pants fell to my ankles. im still not sure why. but some cars honked at me. then i slept it off.

    and that is the story of how mamagram boy saved my life
  10. oh, i can grow SOMETHING. but not a full goatee. i can have some week long scruff in the shape of a goatee, but not one that would do gordon freeman justice
  11. Hmmm. Mammograms are supposed to save lives, this is the first I've heard of a life being saved by a mammogram boy! :lol:
  12. just went and picked up this old guy greying combover wig, and a sex toy:lol:
    going to wear a suit and make some sort of FOX News badge to hang from the outside breast pocket on the suit:D
    I'll post pics
  13. I dont have any costumes picked out for myself :(
    Any suggestions?
  14. I made a gigantic Kenny costume a few years back.
    I took a still image from a south park episode, and scaled up the measurements so a 6' person could get in.

    It was massive. A golf umbrella was the support for the top. Multiple hula-hoops created the sides...
    Ungodly amounts of orange felt went into it...

    I still have the face. It's a few feet wide...
    I'll post pics if I get a chance.
  15. I'm going to make a beetle juice costume if anything.
  16. What kind of tricks would it be able to do?

  17. none :p
  18. I'm too lazy to dress up for halloween.
  19. Yer head is supposed to spin around, or spikes come out of your chest, or something cool like that...
  20. Mondoz saved a burning building from a child. :fly: