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FYI Got an Android/iPhone/Blackberry? I just added Tapatalk to the forum

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, May 29, 2010.

  1. #1 fly, May 29, 2010
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    Basically, it allows you to read the forum from a phone app. They have a free app to read this fourm (and thousands of others) and a paid app if you actually want to post. I have no idea if it would be worth it, but I figured that we'd try it. Apparently you can even upload an image with it. :cool:

    Check it out and let me know what you think. :heart:

    ** Andriod version is available at Android Market - [​IMG] OR
    ** Free iPhone app at iTunes Store -
    ** Beta Released!! Free BlackBerry app!

  2. Nice! I'll give it a whirl :)
  3. Posting from it now. Kiki you would like this much better!
  4. Cool beans!
  5. Omg I'm using it tooo!
  6. Do you rikey? I think because I have tzones that I can't upload pics. Meh.

    It's smoother than posting from safari.
  7. I do. I posted on my phone and hit refresh on my computer and my post was already there, so thats good.

    Yea, I'm not a fan of posting on safari, its slow and a pain and it double posts.
  8. :heart:
  9. It works fine for me.
  10. you have to pay for it?
  11. iPhone was $2.99
  12. apparently reading is free, but there is a paid version to post? Dunno.
  13. Tapatalk sounds like something that happens in Patapon
  14. I don't get that, but for a second, BB's suck... yanno?
  15. keeklepants needs a new fone
  16. Welp, all this positive talk about this shitten app has got me wanting to install it!
  17. fwiw, it works at NN too...
  18. Weak.
    The android version want you to pay to be able to post.
    Fuck that.
  19. Omg I'm on this tapatalk shit! It's soooo effing awesome!! Whatta huge diff!
  20. stfu bitch.