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GAY Goodbye Penny

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. never been to either of those. Im not sure im white-trashey enough.
  2. I would think you would love flea markets
  3. Yeah flea markets are awesome. You can buy back your stolen stuff.
  4. I do enjoy thrift stores. But im a fixed price kind of guy, im not a good haggler.
  5. Lol

    I like antique shops
  6. Antique farm equipment.
  7. :lol:
  8. wicker farm equipment?
  9. The one on Route 1 in Elkridge on weekends is an adventure. You should try it sometime. Then go to the taqueria in the Shell station on the corner of route 1 & 175. Your mouth will thank you.
  10. If you're talking about the salvation army where guilford intersects, go there twice a week on average :p I got half the furniture in my house from there (its technically Jessup, I used to live 3 minutes from it on vollmerhousen)

    I still have not been to that shell station taquiria though. Ive heard amazing things about it though.
  11. If only....
  12. No, I mean this place
  13. ah, flea market.
  14. Yeah, I didn't make that clear. Sorry.
  15. We should probably control inflation so a penny is still worth something instead.
  16. Really? I've heard mixed stuff..
    I don't know how to feel about it really...
    If it was costing the Gubirment more money to produce it than what it was worth than maybe its for the best?
  17. My wallet doesn't even have a space for actual cash. I think the only thing I ever use cash for is the valet and cabs.
  18. We use cash for about 50% of purchases, it's just easier. I like that I can pull out cash and it's accepted everywhere with no minimum purchase requirement.

    Don't get me wrong, I use plastic for a lot too. Cash is always king though. A surprising number of people will negotiate when they see cash.
  19. Cash doesn't earn you points tho.
  20. I have had much greater success jewing people down on price with a wad of cash.

    Know what you want to spend and have that amount of cash on you. Keep extra up to your max in pockets as folded individual bills. Pull out the wad and a deal is usually struck. Worked amazing at the scratch and dent appliance store. Negotiated a little and eventually was like, "well I only have this much to spend" and pulled out cash. They took the deal immediately. I had to haul it home on my own (had a truck with me) but no biggie there. I haven't had the same luck with a CC, and it's more important to me that I pay less for the item than get the reward miles on the back end.