Going to Dinner with Asa: AMA

Against medical advice?
ask me anything

it's from reddit, there's a sub called AMA where celebrities and other less interesting people make threads where people can ask them stuff. a lot of it is driven by PR, exemplified by the time woody harrelson got pissed off because someone asked him about banging some high school chick or something

snoop did one, bill gates, Obama, etc
very large user base, the AMA sub has 5.7 million readers

some even stick around. Arnold Schwarzenegger posts in r/fitness quite regularly, William shatner posts really weird stuff, verne troyer (Mini-Me) will randomly post a pic in r/pics like this:


and snoop still comes by stoned as fuck just to laugh at stuff and have random conversations with people
Ok so, run down of the menu choice there, @Mr. Asa
Think of a regular diner. American as fuck, right?
Now hippie it up as much as you can. Vegetarian option in every category.

Zac and I each had a "Domino" burger. It was good quality, but I can't really remember the hippie-ness of it. The ketchup was soooo good, obviously homemade and filled with garlic. There was a "Wino" burger that had Apple-Bacon Jam, some sort of fancy cheese (Gouda? Brie? maybe?), either pickled or carmelized onions, and some other good shit.

Ladybutt got a curried chicken thing. As a garnish it had thinly sliced and fried lotus root. Was like a sort of citrusy/lemony potato chip.

It was all good. http://ellasfolkartcafe.com/food.html
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