give me webcomics!



i have a habit of trawling through webcomics trying to find good ones, and unfortunately they're almost all crap. so, the content of this thread will be:

1) i tell you about some good webcomics you all might like

2) you do the same back to me

so that i can expand my favourites

my picks:
the tales of a relentlessy bitter young man named davan and his psychotic friends in boston
focuses on the will they wont they relationship of 2 indie kids, and their companion, a sentient pc called pintsize
videogamer humour
similar vein to penny arcade, except this is about the staff of an imaginary videogame magazine
used to be about the life ofa badass called jay, not so funny now
the surreal lives of a group of young people in yorkshire. my personal favourite of all webcomics

and of course funzie
bast_imret said: Except for when he get's off on long tangets, the bizzare randomness of the individual comics is great. Some of them are so twisted. Along the lines of white ninja (in terms of randomness), which I also reccomend.

And all those in the post above me

I want the biggercheese comic on a teeshirt. Then I can wear it when I go to Babies R Us.