getting stuck in the snow sucks



I went to the cottage last night. I had my (lifted) jeep + trailer with the snowmobile on it.

We have two driveways. One that goes accross the top of the property that was plowed, but has no room to turn around with a trailer. And another that we don't plow that goes down a steep hill to the garage.

It was dark and I was tired so I assumed the snow wasn't too deep and went for it. I got stuck in 3' + of snow past the door sills.

3 hours later I finaly got it unstuck. I had to clear the driveway with the snowblower which can't go up the hill, which means dragging it up the hill. Then clear a spot to turn around.

Then in the morning I was already to go snowmobiling and the well lines were frozen solid.

Eventually I got to go snowmobiling, but it was a pain in the ass. I also think I should get some snow chains though they probably wouldn't have helped in this situation.
BigBoi69 said:
That sounds like a load of fun to me..... but then again, I love the snow.

It was fun, but it also sucked. I would have much prefered spending the 3 hours snowmobiling than digging out my car.
crazymike said:
some people put wierd things on their popcorn.
I've heard of even weirder on peoples cawks.

I mean... who puts dead hookers on their popcorn? It's the cawk that its good with.
ChikkenNoodul said:
You must've only got stuck cuz you were towing, my non-lifted JGC did 3' of snow just fine

No, because even when I dropped the trailer I was still stuck. It wasn't pavement underneath, it was dirt and ice. And a very steep hill.