Halp Get your plastic out

Sorry, I've already donated my personal maximum amount to cancer related stuff this year. I work with three different organizations that support cancer research or cancer patients so you gotta hit me up on Jan 1 if you want my donations. I hope your efforts prove successful though and you have a good time in your bike rides :)
You think I'm going out on my bike on Jan 1st? Are you insane????

LOL, no. People don't do that here either, well not the normal ones, but they certainly start their fund raising drives then. The people I work with are usually trying to collect many thousands a year and know what their fund raising goals are by Jan. 1st. These are all people who train for triathlons and stuff like that though, so it makes sense for them to have a training schedule by Jan. 1st at the very latest too.
This is a bit ad hoc. One of our members lost his wife a couple of months ago so we decided to do this in tribute. I think the organiser was a bit pessimistic with his target. There are 11 of us doing the rides and he set the target at £500. Two of us have broken that in two days so I think we'll end up with a couple of thousand.
I hope it's not annual. I'm using a weeks holiday up for this and I would feel I had to do the same next year. I don't like hitting up the same people for the same event again either. Over the years, I've run, skated, kayaked and swam marathons for charities. I've also run up mountains and stuff. It's good to ring the changes when you want people's money.
I'm more of the dinner and dancing kind of participant in charity. The most I will do is walk a long way for charity. I organize and help run events, I don't do the crazy feats of physical fitness. I don't understand the whole marathon or triathlon thing. I work on these things and I see these people doing them and I think they are insane. I can understand wanting to be healthy and get exercise, but these people seem to dedicate an awful lot of time to it. Definitely not for me.