get yer drink on!

I'm slumming it...drinking icewhore...just went and bought a shitload of groceries and the selection at the grocery store sucks ass
fly said:
petrone for hunting. very odd you are.
it was a suggestion anyways:p were it entirely up to me it'd be a bottle of vodka, but it's been my experience that bad, hilarious things happen when too much greygoose is consumed in that cabin:p
Drool-Boy said:
too many beers
Im all groggy and my head is owie and I have a big bite mark on my left butt cheek
we need a :hungover: smiley

thats the good thing about starting at 5:30am, bosses dont get here till 7:30.
Coqui said:
Good thing about my job is that my boss is in another building over a mile away :D

well i think they keep my boss' brain in a shed out back where we store lacquer thinner, but its not quite the same