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Geez..... only 7 folks online :sad:

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by BigDov, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. I feel lonely.... hold me :(
  2. I'll hold you for 2000 marklar.

    For another 5000, I'll do more than that.
  3. I'd say no problem, but my pathetic marklar account of less than 200 prohibits me from doing anything special :(

  4. I can see it now... It'll be bigger than gmail accounts or free ipods...

    Panhandling for Marklar!

    Chicks showing their pics for Marklar like some kind of online Marti Gras...

    Sexual favors traded in sleazy chatrooms; wizard hats and robes covered in marklar...

    Strung-out name-rapists desperate for their next fix, huddled together in dark alleyways of teh intarweb, holding signs reading "Will suck for Marklar"

    And I for one welcome our new Marklar overlords.
  5. wow, um so 2 people on now? :o
  6. Three!
  7. hi!
  8. Hi! :D

    What are you up to? I'm studying (on and off) for a math exam tomorrow. :/
  9. I'm finishing up a response paper for Politics of Sexuality, then I have to study for my Jazz test. Good thing he gave us the answers. :o
  11. will goatse for marklar
  12. put on the groucho marks glasses and stare at neighbors from the car, lonely days will be long gone
  13. I'll cook my own liver in wine sauce and eat it for marklar
  14. Right
    Your livers a shriveled up little pebble by now
  15. It's in a locket.
  16. Eat your own mouth.
  17. :eek:

    I already have Mardi Gras beads.

  18. SHOW YOUR TITS! :boobies: :chikken:
  19. I didn't say how I got the beads :p