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May 12, 2008
Brandon, FL
So, it's time to get a few more certs, but I wanted a better environment at the home to actually do the studying in.

So today, I built a new Win 2k3 server, and installed Exchange 2003 and MySQL. But that wasn't enough.

So I moved my infrastructure off the sad little WRT54G I had into this...


The RV042 is my new external router. Also does VPN, and has a much better firewall package built in. The ProCurve 10AG handles the wireless now. The Procurve 2650 is going to be split into 3 vlans, and the 2800 router will handled the routing between them.

Basically the core framework for my cisco and MCSE certs. I've got 2 other DC's I'll stick on the back 2 vlans for playing with simulated enterprise environments and just for packet generation.

Also added a APC Back-UPS XS 1300 and a ES550 for power management.

Still a bit more work to do on the networking services side as I get my DNS server better tuned, integrating domain level authentication for the wireless (maybe. it's a bitch to set up), and I've got 2 more Fwics to add to the 2800 before I start building that config.
You assume he might not possibly be using WW-DRT

Also, what consumer level brand would you recommend if not Linksys?

Pretty much this. Take any linksys wireless router and slap a DD-WRT install on it, and you will have a hard time finding better.

And those old linksys WRT54gs, man, they run forever.