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Funzie the Clown Comic 2

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. The continued adventures of the psychotic clown stuffed in a mayo jar.
    Oh, and hes still available for kids parties , cheap!
    Usually for less than a case of liquor!
    Anyways, onto the comic. I left it a bit large this time 'cuz theres a bit of detail to this one.

  2. I worry about you sometimes.

  3. Only sometimes?
    Damn, gotta work on that:shady:
  4. Ok...I lied...I don't really about you...just the poor people around you.
  5. Someone hold me.

  6. *holds*
    Its ok
    Funzie wont touch your mayo without permission.

    unless youre passed out:shady:

  7. Good. *yawn* All of a sudden I'm tired.
  8. you have somehow managed to make a cartoon strip a non sequitur and for that I applaud you:lol:
  9. Somebody tell me if this looks any different from a non-medicated point of view...
  11. it must be the cool tool/tap majic. the other programmer and i have had this conversation quite a few times. we could put tre(not the nancy boy)y parker and matt stone outta business.
  12. Well parker/stone always try to put some sort of social commentary into their work , and I feel that if there is a message to the Funzie comics, then we have failed.
  13. have you thought about therapy.
  14. Sick fucks :mad:
  15. i have yet another sudden mayo craving....
  16. nancy boy? :shady: :elfpenis:
  17. I giggle all day thanks to Funzie

    This installment rocks :heart:


  18. mindless humor, it just takes someone the fun out of it if you have to think about it.

  19. i uh wasnt talking about you. yeah, thats it. that other tre, over there. him. yeah. :shady:
  20. TURTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!