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So, I know what you ladies are saying "This Glorious Revolution is great if you're a dude and all, but what's in it for me?". Well, first you get a metal bikini. That's pretty badass. You will also receive ninja training where we show you 99 ways to kill someone. We reserve the 100th just in case you turn on the Glorious Revolution. Upon request, you'll be issued your own personal dancing manslave with complementary banana milk. Calories will be outlawed after the Glorious Revolution so you may eat whatever you wish.

The Glorious Revolution​

Something for Everybody​
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bast_imret said:
My Brothers in Arms, please, join me in viewing the story of how the Glorious Revolution was born unto these lands![IMG][/QUOTE]
Kind of reminds me of the secret ingredients chef from Tales of Symphonia

not that anyone knows what I'm talking about
theacoustician said:
why Metal Storm looks to be about dead in the water

Like all military technology, there's only one way to sell your product. Get the product in front of Colonels and Generals and make them realize why they can't live without your technology. It's these guys who drive the battlefield spending and contracts.

I worked for a biotech company back in 1998 that was developing a battlefield blood testing device. All their marketing department did was take high ranking military officials to dinner every night!

I have here before me, some more literature from our illustrious leader. Read and simmer in the knowledge poured from his ears.

theacoustician said:
Is it just me, or does it look like The Lord is about to take out his heart like they did in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

Yeah, after I posted that I noticed that Jesus has some big meaty paws. Maybe he was a lumberjack and not a carpenter as previously believed?