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WTF For those that REALLY love their dogs...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mr. Asa, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. It's weird to me when I go to people's houses that don't have pets. They always seem empty.
  2. I have kids, they're like pets. Only sassier.
  3. Pets aren't as annoying though.
  4. Depends. My kids are way less annoying than my in-laws' untrained German Shepherd.

    Edit: to be fair, kids are pretty annoying though.
  5. Man , Im sayin
    Try watching a tv show with a wild hyper 3 year old in the room.
  6. It's weird to me when I go into people's houses and they have TV's. So annoying.
  7. I'd need a TV and time to watch it for that to happen
  9. Just what I need, more taxes.
  10. I can't stand mine about 75% of the time, either. But, I know that he would benefit from classes. So, it's our fault, too.
  11. Needs moar toohey pix
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  13. I thought Tooey was a RR?
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    Yes & German Shepherd.

    His hair does stand up on his back like a RR, when he gets excited, either angry excited or barking at someone he doesn't know. Or when the doorbell rings.
  15. omg noooooooo whyyyyyyyyy it hasn't been but a coupla years since you've had him, right??? :( :(
  16. omg he's SOOOO handsome!!!! :heart:
  17. Thank youuu! :)
  18. He is quite handsome!!!

    Love the navy blue walls... I was thinking of doing navy blue in parts of the house.
  19. Fannnxx! And, everyone loves that color when they see it! That is my office. It's such an enveloping color. It's Glidden - Rich Navy. Normally, I use Sherwin Williams, but according to design sites this is one of the ones that is closest to a "true navy".
  20. NICE. I'll have to look that one up. I've been thinking of doing grays, navy, and an antique yellow for the house. So far, I have our walk in closet painted--the rest of the house is waaiiitttiinnnggg.