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fly needs a ride to the airport

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by lemon_fresh, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Give me reasons why I should bother taking his ass there?
  2. Youll probably get head out of the deal
  3. who the hell are you?
  4. Ass, gas, or grass - no-one rides for free
  5. you'll definitely get head out of the deal
  6. Well, he's lemon, and fresh.

    Can't be all that bad.

    Unless it's a suppository.
  7. I think it's :gloerf:
  8. actually, it can be all bad, ever had a lemon fresh urinal mint jammed in your mouth?
  9. OMG. Some fag wants to ride me to the airport. :fly:

    Hi Joe! *swoon*
  10. You need to stop going to those fancy restrooms for tricks, all I ever have to do is bite the rim of the urinal.
  11. You think I could get him to link the taint too?
  12. Pics?
  13. christ, you make everything sound so easy

    like that advice you gave me on sucking the kidney stone out with a ziplock baggie.... wow
  14. is your taint lemon fresh? if it is.... I'm first
  15. Well, maybe the first today...
  16. I try to pick up as many helpful tricks along the way as possible, like performing a circumcision with a spork and some tomato sauce