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fly is a terrible lay...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. :fly:

    he's very docile and tame. Extremely disappointing.
  2. Like you've ever had sex before.
  4. OMG really?! Where is the front of the line??!?!? I need to CUT!!!!
  5. I've pretended to do it many, many times sir.
  6. pillows, wet towels, liver in the microwave... we know about it
  7. My peeps on the fritz. :(
  8. yellow or pink peeps?
  9. Pink of course :fly:
  10. You know what tastes good with peeps?

    More peeps
  11. and pop rocks
  12. and........

  13. Pop rocks + ice cream = win
  14. Oh hell yes :drool:

    There's a place near me that sells bubble gum ice cream laden with those
  15. Brusters?
  16. Yar, didn't know that was a chain, weird.
  17. Bast's dad used to own two of them.
  18. I'd weigh like 400lbs if I did
  19. where is the toilet paper king?
  20. hmm poprocks. can't seem to find those anywhere around here anymore.