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Thread First blow of the season

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Floptical, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. We are getting the first snow of the year. I am so excited. It has been snowing for weeks in the mountains but this is the first in the city.
  2. it's 70f here right now :cool:
  3. It was 70 yesterday and 77 on Sunday.
  4. It is not snowing here and I am so excited.
  6. Psh, it already snowed in Cleveland.
  7. Comparing Denver and Cleveland is like comparing a diamond and a turd.
  8. Oh come now. Denver isn't THAT bad.
  9. but cleveland is.
  11. We had some snow Sunday night, and a brief flurry a week or two ago, but now it's decided to warm up and continue raining. Yuck.
  12. It just rains and is grim and grey here :(
  13. Snowed three days ago....hit 75 today.
  14. it's dry here - but there's leaves everywhere..

    place is like a fucking icerink. stepped onto the street this morning while turning my phone on silent and nearly broke my fucking spine.
  15. Ahh, the weather I don't miss anymore.
  16. I'm going to cry when it starts snowing. I had to sleep on my sofa last night because the upstairs of my new house is so cold I was shivering for hours. :mad:
  17. I hate anything above 85
  18. The temperature extremes are what I don't like. Dropping 50 degrees in two days gets really annoying.
  19. but heat rises
    Wouldnt the upstairs be warmer:confused: