Fire and electronics

JJ Lady

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Oct 26, 2004
Savannah, GA
Just got my newletter from Think Geek and they have these really cool candles (quick Ac, hide the credit cards!)

Here is the description

Candle flame with LED glow
Fire, the most basic light source and LED, the most geek-friendly light source, are both combined together in these attractive LoungeLight LED Candles. Add some warmth, color and ambiance to your office surroundings or set a relaxed mood in your kitchen or dining room at home. The LED light can be switched to either slowly cycle through its entire color range or it can be paused on a specific color. The candles can be used with or without flame and have a burn time of about 14 hours (short candle) and 24 hours (tall candle).

The candles also have these features.

Can be used with the candle lit or unlit
The LED can be switched to produce either constantly changing colors or be stopped on a single color
Included Battery/Light source is easily removable
Typical LED lifetime of 100,000 hours
Included battery (4.5V) gives up to 100 hours of LED light
Additional candle wax refills and batteries available
Dimensions: 5.25" tall x 2.8" dia (Short candle)
Dimensions: 6.7" tall x 2.8" dia (Tall candle)

Adding eletronics to things that don't need! :cool:

I Robert I

Ooooh LEDs :p

I really should go ahead and make my little lighting/decoration thingy with all my LEDs one of these days... Laziness++