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Finally - a practical use for inductive charging

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mondoz, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. [​IMG]

    Check this out.
    A (semi) wireless battery powered mouse that charges from the mouse pad.

    I've heard of new charging methods coming down the line for cellphones and PDAs that just sit on a special platform, and charge just by sitting there, but this application seems really cool to me.

    This isn't a Logitech or Microsoft mouse, but I imagine it's only a matter of time before they pick up on this.

    This is the 'splash pad' charging pad.


    You just set your device on it, and it charges wirelessly.
    I can imagine this would be extremely handy if they can standardize this into everyday items...
    Power tools, kitchen appliances, hand held electronics...
    It's still being developed, but seems like it's not going to be vaporware.

    This is the kind of thing that lets you know we're finally in the future. :cool:
  2. :drool:

    inductive charging is a really cool technology. I haven't really read up on it much, are they going to have to redesign the batteries as well?
  3. They stole my idea! Well not really. That's pretty neat.
  4. I don't know that the batteries themselves would be affected, just the method for power delivery.

    Theoretically, they could just have an adapter for existing devices that interfaces between the pad and the device's charging port. :drool:
  5. so there would be some kind of inductive pickup in the device as opposed to a charging port then?
  6. I read an "article" on the intarweb by a guy who had already created one of those himself. Bout time it started being manufactured/developed by real companies.
  7. omfg

    That's awesome. I had to read up on that stuff after I saw an electric toothbrush using inductive charging. :cool:

  8. Right. I guess they could give you both, so you could travel with a standard charger, and have the big pad at home...
    Unless they have a little mini pad or something for travel... :drool:
  9. i :heart: this idea.

    edit: fap fap fap
  10. Oh yeah.. I guess I have seen this before...

    My razor does the same thing. :tard: Forgot about that.

    It's nice to see something that uses the pad for charging and in it's normal usage (mousepad).

    Imagine an entire desk (10K) with these pads embedded, so anything sitting anywhere on your desk would be charged as they sat there.... :drool:
  11. what about the 5k chair that charges your cell phone while it's in your pocket??? that would be truly revolutionary.
  12. Could it charge my vibrating butt plug as I sat in the chair too? OMG
  13. will it charge my sexbot?

  14. You'll need to insert in your special plug into the receptical for that. :shifty:
  15. Actually...the way I've seen this explained is that the pad does charge, but you have to attach diodes to the devices that make contact with the pad. It's not just if it's within a certain distance it gets charged.
  16. On how big of a scale can it charge?

    When/if electric cars became the norm, they could have pads at red lights, in parking lots, etc... so people could easily charge their vehicles.
  17. It's not fast, but it's enough.
    I don't think they can currently charge a laptop if it's on, but it does slow the drain significantly.

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