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Video Fiercest video you will ever see

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Mar 15, 2010.

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    Slightly NSFW

    Epic, just epic. Lady better werk!
  2. I was no longer able to suspend my disbelief after seeing the surprisingly ostentatious prison uniforms.
  3. ps. REPOST
  4. Link? I know I am late with posting, but I have finally stopped the loop I had it running on long enough to post.
  5. You've been hanging out with Perez again, haven't you.
  6. That fat fuck? Hardly. To be honest, I have never even been to his site.
  7. What a truly iconic piece of cinema.
  8. Ive been deliberately not watching this, since its posted friggin everywhere.
    Somehow I dont feel Im missing out.
  9. I made it about 10 seconds in sometime last week and it was too stupid for words. you are missing nothing
  10. I totally agree :drool:
  11. Barely clothed pretty ladies? Lezploitation? The Pussy Wagon?!?! Glasses made of still-burning cigarettes? These are things that are not to be missed.
  12. the only part that was even remotely entertaining was the 'See, told you she didn't have a dick' comment.