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Jul 17, 2015
If you aint a 10 you're a 9.9
Man Uses Coffee to Rescue Three Kittens Whose Tails Were Frozen to the Ground

A Canadian oil worker is being hailed for using his leftover coffee to rescue three kittens he found trapped to a sheet of ice last week.

Kendall Diwisch had been performing some routine checks on the oil wells in Dayton Valley, Edmonton when he saw what looked like a piece of trash left on a sheet of snow.

Upon closer inspection, however, he was shocked to discover that it was a trio of terrified kittens whose tails were frozen to the ground.

Diwisch quickly fetched his cup of coffee from his pickup truck and used the hot liquid to sufficiently melt the ice around the kittens’ tails. After the coffee had done its job, Diwisch was able to pull the felines free and take them home.