Feeding Time, a short story



I came up with this last night after having a midnight snack and noting the placement of the Mayo jar. Since Mayo is involved I thought some of you might like it.

Feeding Time

"I need something to eat" he said. "Why don't you get up and make a snack? You could have a turkey sandwich, and there's pie." She drew out the last word, giving it a seductive lilt. He rolled over, "no, I can make it til breakfast I suppose." Silence blanketed the room, broken only by the pages of her book turning. "Oh hell, this is no good" he said as he rolled out of bed and stood up, "I can't sleep with turkey sandwiches on my mind." She smiled as he pulled on his pants and walked down the hall towards the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen he extracted leftover turkey, cheese, and bread from the fridge and assembled a sandwich. Grabbing a beer for good measure, he sat at the table in a pool of light generated by the overhead lamp and took a bite. "Ugh, this is no good" he mumbled through a mouthful of bread crumbs and turkey bits. Picking up his plate, he padded over to the fridge in search of Mayo.

He held the plate in one hand and pulled the fridge open with the other. Peering in, he spied the Mayo sitting all alone in the middle of the bottom shelf. Smiling in anticipation of turkey with Mayo on white bread, he grabbed the top of the jar and picked it up. The wire attached to the bottom of the jar stretched taut, releasing the trap door in front of the refrigerator. His eyes widened as he vanished into the void below without so much as a chance to scream.

Back in the bedroom, she flicked off the reading lamp with a carefully manicured nail, closed her eyes, and feel asleep smiling into the darkness.
I have a feeling this story seemed like a better one at 1am than it does now :p
crazymike said:
I have a feeling this story seemed like a better one at 1am than it does now :p


probably so. I need background for these characters. but I was bored, at work, and felt like making a thread