Ontopic FBK Witless Memes (No Hall Monitors)


Looks like Ted Nugent, Smells like Sasquatch
Apr 18, 2016
He can't have any cows within the Austin City Limits. Speaking of which, that was a great live music show on PBS.
They're still going . Just the last several years as styles change they been doing a lot of what I'd call "coffeehouse rock". More hipster type music. Not really my thing but I saw a band called Deer Hunter there once that seemed pretty good for that type of stuff.

Used to always be at the TV/radio/communications building at UT but they moved it to a bigger fancypants new theater downtown several years ago. Lost the intimate vibe. Now it's just like seeing any other gig at any random 800-ish, maybe max 1000 person venue.

These people will just not stop screwing up my town.