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Movie Favorites

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I'm with you on all of these except half baked.
  2. The Big Hit had some much potential. The action sequences were excellent.

    However, once people started talking, it went to shit fast.
  3. Oh my, I went on a sort of date with a friend once and when we got back to my place we wanted to watch a movie so I looked through my homies collection and was like 'hmm, whats this', turned it on then spent the next 2 hours looking awkwardly around the room. :lol:
  4. Yeah I liked that movie minus the whole rape scene thing.
  5. You gotta be kitten me.
  6. Not even Billy Bong Thornton or Wesley Pipes could save that movie.
  7. Zoolander
    Due Date
  8. How did I forget these two?!? I should have seen Heat in the movie theater. I bet the shootout scene was awesome on the big screen & loud sound system.
  9. The Hangover is another one I don't get. Everyone was like "This movie is soooo funny." I was so disappointed.

    Zoolander - I'll never understand why I love this movie. It's terrible. There's nothing good about it but I watch it every time it's on, even on network tv when they edit the heck out of it. Love it.
  10. I don't get Zoolander either.

    I love Meet the parents etc. though
  11. Yeah, I can't handle Meet the Parents. I don't like watching unfortunate things happen to people. It makes me uncomfortable.
  12. The book is actually a very good example of what life is like in the military. About the one thing the movie got right about that is the propaganda
  13. wat?
  14. Cabin Boy was pretty good
  15. The scene where he rapes his wife.
  16. On the stairs
  17. oh, i thought she was talking about hidalgo.
  18. Hated that shitfest