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Movie Favorites

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I thought Black Swan was awesome. Would watch again.
  2. requiem for a dream is a movie i hated
  3. Love that film.
    Another one I love so much is Beaches, that should actually be on the list.
    I've watched that movie with my Mama 10000 times

    Oooohh and Steel Magnolias :heart:
  4. Starship Troopers
    Blade Runner
    The Avengers
    Any of the Nolanverse Batmans
    A Local Hero
    The first Matrix
    The Lord of the Rings trilogy
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    Van Wilder
    The first American Pie
    Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay
    Strange Brew
    Weird Science
  5. Damn you for making me think of my fave movies another AMAZING FILM is "Swimming With Sharks"

    Holy fuck what a great film!!!
  6. Oh I totally forgot that one.

    Kevin Spacey was awesome in that.
  7. Omg soooo awesome!!!

    Like amazing!!

    Ok take Vanilla Sky off my list and replace it with this.
  8. Oh another one that's really good is "Secretary"
  9. truman show
  10. The Man From Earth
    Seven Pounds

    If you havent seen them, dont read up on either, just watch. So much better when you dont know what theyre about
  11. Damn, I made my list too quickly. Going to have to edit.
  12. Meh...
  13. Pretty sure watchin that movie was the closest to insanity ive ever come
  14. mr and mrs smith
  15. Which one?
  16. black swan. It all just exuded surrealness.
  17. It was so good.
  18. No Mila Kunis boobs, no care!